Meet the Cast of KEEN–Guest Post by Laura Zimmerman

KEEN is a contemporary fantasy set in small-town West Lincoln High. This book has it all: teenagers, faeries, and a banshee. Here’s what to expect when you dive into the world of KEEN!

Caoine Roberts–She’s just your average half-faerie born with a voice that kills, right? As a banshee, she roams the streets at night predicting death. But she’s forced to move each time her secret is discovered. Which is too often. She’s obsessed with french fries, writes poetry, and is a vegetarian. There’s no blending in for this girl–her ultra-white skin and hair, and odd colored eyes drive away most everyone.

Oliver–Star soccer player and captain of the team. Straight-A honor student headed to a big name university. This boy has his future planned…by his parents. If only he could tell them of his secret musical ambition. But a dark secret from his past has him trapped in a world where he doesn’t want to live.

Aubree–This high-fashion student is the first to befriend Caoine. But Aubree isn’t just about dressing like a supermodel. She’s obsessed with coffee and is never seen without Seamus by her side.

Seamus–He may appear lazy and uninterested, but this guy is more observant than the average teenager. He’s more than just eye-candy on Aubree’s arm. He’s loyal to Caoine, keeping her secret safe and helping in her greatest time of need.

Eric–Oliver’s best friend and fellow soccer player, this dude is pure comic relief. At least, he thinks so!

Jessica–Ex-girlfriend to Oliver. Editor of the school paper. Her life is all about making Caoine’s arrival at West Lincoln as difficult as possible.

Catherine–Caoine befriends “Cat” when she joins the staff of the school paper. Cat is possibly the first friend Caoine has that passes no judgment and is willing to defend her against even the worst school bullies.

Brent–Caoine’s father has never forgiven himself for the loss of his wife. He and Caoine have been a team since the beginning. But can she convince him that alcohol isn’t the way to solve his inner turmoil and that she’s hurting just as much?

There you have it! You’ve just met the main cast of KEEN. Are you intrigued yet? Be sure to grab a copy on July 9th so you can get to know each of these characters a little better!


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  3. Ah I LOVE the photo references!!! Squeals! I. Must. Read. This!

  4. J.M. Hackman says:

    Great to meet the cast of Keen — can’t wait until it’s released into the wild! ☺ Thanks for the introduction!

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