What people are saying about Rebecca D. Bruner’s teaching from her book
A Wife of Valor: Your Strategic Importance in God’s Battle Plan


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  1. Terri Egen says:

    Rebecca is a very gifted writer and a well-studied researcher. In the classes I was privileged to attend, Rebecca was able to shed light on so many ways we as women can and should partner with our husbands in the battle against the true enemy, which is not made of flesh and blood. She shared interesting and revealing examples of positive and negative choices made by different women in the Bible. It also was eye-opening to learn of so many things in modern day living that influence us away from our true and beautiful design. The classes she taught gave me plenty of thought-provoking and encouraging material. Rebecca’s teaching revealed the freedom we have in knowing some ways that God can and does shield us from shame, and how to fight back-to-back with our husbands against attacks on our marriage. I particularly enjoyed hearing about God’s original plan of “elegant interdependence”. There was something in every class that hit home and freed me to want to improve how I relate to my husband according to God’s design.

  2. Rachel P says:

    Rebecca’s study, A Wife of Valor, came at a pivotal time in our marriage. My husband and I have been married 11 years, and in those years there have been ups and downs. As we are going through a major transition currently Rebecca’s teaching on fighting back to back has been so crucial in how we are walking this new journey in our lives. The Holy Spirit has prompted me many times to remain quiet, and also to verbally bless my husband with words of encouragement and action of standing back to back. An illistration used was two oxen pulling a yoke, and if one is traveling ahead it makes the work much more difficult…I am a planner and tend to jump ahead in situations, however after this study and the awareness of this, things have shifted in our marriage. So thankful for this teaching and Rebecca’s commitment to a God-centered marriage.

  3. Cynthia Mendenhall says:

    Excellent illustration! My prayers go with you to Mt. Herman and beyond.

    • David Welty says:

      Rebecca has a very powerful and prayerful quality in her writing. Her words are based on sound Christian doctrine and a wonderful insight into the Christ centered relationship between a Christian wife and her husband. Very well done. Our prayers go with you to Mt. Herman as well.

  4. akronwald says:

    I love the video. It so succintly brings our attention back to the true enemy. How motivating–to see the camaraderie of fighting a common enemy with my mate, knowing we’re protecting each others backs.

  5. Sharon Salvatore says:

    Rebecca’s writing and teaching make me think and then think again! She provides fresh perspective to familiar topics and even dares to dig into some avoided subjects. Her latest
    work, A Wife of Valor, is exceptional. I love that she shares her own journey of learning
    to partner with her husband. Rebecca handles Scripture skillfully and uses illustrations that
    are relevant and challenging. My married daughter and I attended the classes on this material together. We would talk weekly about how it was affecting us both in so many ways even though my daughter has been married for 6 years and me for nearly 30. Rebecca’s book has both encouraged me for the support I have given to my husband over the years, and also reminded me and MOVED me to become a more passionate and faithful prayer warrior for my beloved.

  6. Paula Carruth says:

    I found her class very thought provoking on many, many levels. I loved the image of husbands and wives fighting back to back, fighting the enemy and not each other. Sometimes, I still remind myself that my husband is not the enemy. She dealt with many subjects that most shy away from in the church but are needed desperately to be openly discussed with Truth, love, and grace. Her honesty, transparancy and diligence in the study of the Word made that possible.

  7. Mo Dardinger says:

    Rebecca Bruner teaches wives how to avoid the pitfalls that we all too easily fall into. One of the enemy’s favorite strategies is to set us against our husbands, which violates our design and leads to destructive habit patterns. When we support and encourage our husbands, fighting against our common enemy (not against one another), life works as our loving Father planned that it would.

    In spite of being familiar with the stories of women and families in the Old and New Testaments, I was amazed and encouraged by the insights that Rebecca brought to our study. It’s not just for the biblically illiterate, but for all married women (or those who will someday marry). There was a lot going on “between the lines” in the story of Abraham and Sarah, for example. Rebecca is the first teacher I’ve heard bring out reasonable assumptions concerning Sarah’s view of these much-studied events. She thought things through, prayed over her material, and presented her conclusions in a humble, clear manner. I defy anyone to emerge from this class without significant improvement.

  8. Janelle says:

    This study was life changing for me. Becky’s examples and teaching really illustrate what God wants our relationship with our husband and with the Lord to look like. It brought a new perspective and forced me to take off those blinding glasses and ask myself – Are there areas in my marriage that are not glorifying to God?” The study uses biblical examples which is encouraging to see how God used these woman to bless their husbands. The biggest take back for me was that it is hard for the captain of a ship to lead when his troops are not lining up behind him. I realized that I was expecting my husband to be the spiritual leader but I was not allowing him to lead me. I know that this new perspective is incredibly important to what my marriage is and will be. I am grateful for this teaching and look forward to any in the future. 🙂

  9. Michele Manganello says:

    Rebecca was extremely helpful in clearing up a problem I was struggling with in my family. My husband is an “asleep” Christian. I have been fighting God’s battle myself in my family for 25 years. I have two sons, one who is 20 and one who is 18. I struggle with why I should submit to a husband who is not contributing to the spiritual health in our family. Rebecca was giving a demonstration in our adult Sunday School class about her book and a light went off for me. She made a statement about how do we know God didn’t place us in a difficult marriage to show himself through me and the way I behave. She also used Esther as an example of a woman with a pagan husband, but she still had the faith to submit to him leaving it in God’s hands. She made me realize that God commands me to submit to my husband, and in doing so I am obeying God, loving him and being faithful. This in turn is setting the best example to my sons of being faithful and letting God be in control in our family.

    • rebeccabruner says:

      Thanks so much for sharing that. I know there are many women in just your situation who will be encouraged by your committment to do things God’s way in your marriage for the sake of His glory and to set an excellent example for the next generation.

  10. Katherine says:

    It was very good to be encouraged to see that my husband and I are TOGETHER in this battle called life. We have different ways which we can protect one another from sinful influences. Rebecca’s careful analysis of Scripture was refreshing and helpful for me as I seek to support and submit to my husband. Each recorded message is good for reaching hearts, and will be good to re-listen to!

  11. Dixie Lundquist says:

    Becky is a gifted writer and eloquent speaker. Her book will change hearts and minds for God-centered marriages. I was blessed to be a part of her class.

  12. sheryl says:

    Well done! Continuing in prayer for the success of this book in helping women understand their role in God’s battle!

  13. After going through Becky’s study, A Wife of Valor, I commented to my family that I had realized there were several areas of my life I needed to address. In doing so, I was able to change my attitudes and take more responsibility for my own actions. My teenager promptly spoke up and said, “I knew something was different. You and Dad have been arguing a lot less!”

    • rebeccabruner says:

      That’s very encouraging to hear. Not only is God making changes in your heart, but they are having a positive impact on your whole family.

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