Creative Fellowship

I’ve been listening to some recordings from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. During the conference, I didn’t get a chance to hear Allen Arnold’s messages on the Spiritual Life of the Writer, but I’m really benefitting from them now.

One of Allen’s key points is that God invites writers into what he calls a creative fellowship. When we write, we join with the Great Creator in the creative process. Like a father teaching his young daughter to dance, we get to join with God in this wild and wonderful adventure of writing.

Allen emphasized that once writers recognize this, we never have to create alone again. We don’t have to stare down a blinking cursor with fear in our hearts and not a clue of what to do next. We can turn to God and call on Him to lead us, to join with us in the process of story telling.

I realized as I listened to Allen’s message that the times when I have struggled most with my writing have been those times when I tried to force something, instead of allowing God to lead the process. Striving is fruitless, but resting in God and letting Him lead and inspire can be the most exciting experience in the world.

So as I finish the latest draft of my current work in progress, instead of asking myself, “What do I want to do next?” or “What do I think will sell?” this will be my prayer:

“Dear Abba, thank you so much for bringing me along on this amazing adventure! What shall we write together next?”

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