Have Mercy, Sovereign Lord: A Prayer for America

Dear Abba,
I pray for my nation. I confess that we have rebelled against the rulers you established over our forefathers. Our spirit of pride and rebellion has carried forward and become entrenched in our national self-concept. Please forgive us for our arrogance.

Holy Lord, we have rejected all fear of you. We have defied your laws and ordinances. We have declared your word irrelevant. We have murdered the innocent. What your word calls an abomination we have established as an honorable estate. We have raised ourselves up to judge you and your ways instead of humbling ourselves before you and submitting to your correction.

Lord, we are a haughty people. We deserve your judgement. I recognize that the current presidential hopefuls are the kind of leaders we have deserved because of our pride. Please restrain the evil that either candidate can accomplish if elected. Please stand in opposition to the evil one and his dark agenda for this country. Restrain his power to steal, kill, and destroy in America.

Please protect the freedom Christians have to live peaceable and quiet lives and to practice our faith unhindered. I ask this not for the sake of our personal peace and prosperity, but for the sake of your kingdom. Protect the freedom we have to proclaim your truth and to share the gospel without fear. Protect the freedom to speak out about you and your word and your ways in the public forum. Please tear down the strongholds and lies of the enemy and establish your truth.

I beg for your mercy. I know that nothing is beyond your power. You can transform impossible situations. Sovereign Lord, I pray that you would do the miraculous and unexpected. We look to you, because you are the only hope for the future of this country. Please do not abandon us.

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