Blue Ridge Bible Church Marriage Seminar

hawaii_couple_beckandstew_croppedJoin Rebecca and Stewart Bruner this Sunday, October 9, 2016 for a two-session marriage seminar at Blue Ridge Bible Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

In the first session, Stewart and Rebecca will discuss the important role God designed marriage to play in His war against the forces of darkness. They will share personal testimonies about how God has used the crises in their marriage to help them mature in their relationships with one another and with Himself.

In the second session, Stewart and Rebecca will focus on six habits married couples can practice to cover one another’s backs in the spiritual battle. Learn to defend one another from enemy attack by practicing the following habits:

A Wife of Valor

A Wife of Valor

  • Giving Thanks
  • Speaking Blessings
  • Offering Encouragement
  • Practicing Forgiveness
  • Praying Together
  • Recalling Truth

Interested in having Rebecca and Stewart Bruner speak for your group?


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