A Wife of Valor Available NOW

A Wife of Valor

A Wife of Valor

The long awaited day has come!  A Wife of Valor: Your Strategic Importance in God’s Battle Plan has been published and is available for sale worldwide. Check out the Books tab to order your copy.

There will be a book launch party on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Check out the Events tab for details.

The initial response of readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Two different people told me they had read the book straight through because they were unable to put it down!

Another reader wrote: “I was totally blown away early in the book. Your fresh insight into Genesis and God’s  plan to make a people for Himself to populate this world and have dominion – ‘to be a formidable weapon in God’s fight against the evil one’ was powerful. The reality of our fall from that plan and the broken ripple effects of death-producing sin has a new dimension for me in light of my marriage. Even more powerful is the reminder of His mercy and redeeming grace of our rescue and how we once again have been given the privilege in our marriages to fight ‘back-to-back’ against these forces for His glory. I am so proud of you and for this labor of hard work, passion, gifting and love!!! To Him be the glory.”



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