God’s “Very Good” Design

“Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized, how will that effect your book?” My friend Diane sounded quite concerned. “Do you think it might hurt your chances of getting published?”As a member of the focus group who had helped me refine the ideas for A Wife of Valor: Your Strategic Importance in God’s Battle Plan,  Diane had a pretty clear grasp of my views on biblical marriage.

My book is aimed at Christian women in committed, heterosexual marriages. It has very little to say about homosexuality or same-sex marriage. Even so, Diane’s question made me realize that the basic biblical truths upon which my book is founded have recently become quite controversial.

The message that God intentionally created human beings to be both male and female, and that He considered that design to be “Very Good,” used to be considered self-evident. Now, it is being challenged at every turn. A multitude of voices clamor that we should regard any differences between the sexes as irrelevant, but I’m more convinced than ever that men and women were created to complement one another, covering each other’s greatest areas of vulnerability with their unique strengths.

In response to Diane’s question, I said, “I honestly don’t know how this might effect my  book’s publication. My hope is that there is still a Christian publishing house out there with the courage and the vision to support my book, even if it is controversial.”

In any case, I can’t abandon the message God has entrusted to me. I must boldly deliver that message to a world who may need to hear it now more than ever before. Some will undoubtedly consider what I have to say controversial. But then, isn’t that true of just about anything that’s really worth saying?

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