The Scale, My Idol

I’m getting ready to go be a counselor at a Christian kids’ camp next week. I’ve got to admit that I am feeling anxious. I’m not really worried about my responsibilities. I’ve been to this camp enough times to be very familiar with the routines and expectations. What worries me is gaining weight.

I know that sounds pretty stupid, but you have to understand that the menu is tailored to the tastes of seven to twelve-year-olds. Lots of sugar, lots of carbs, lots of fat. It’s like an elementary schoolers’ dream cruise. The last time I went to camp, two years ago, I gained five pounds in one week. I’d rather not have that happen again.

I’m scared of not being in control of what I eat and when I eat. I’m scared of how my woefully slow metabolism will react to this unaccustomed diet. But God is calling me to cast all these cares on Him.

The question I sense the Lord posing is: “If you have to put on another five pounds for the sake of my Kingdom, am I not worth that sacrifice? Which do you love more: me, or the numbers on your scale?”

That’s a hard question, harder than I’d care to admit. Like the Rich, Young Ruler, there are some little idols in my life I’d rather not give up. I know that’s precisely why Christ is asking me to do so.

This is such a small thing, compared with what He could ask. There are Christians around the world who are being tortured and imprisoned for their faith. They know that he is worthy of every sacrifice, and in my heart of hearts, so do I.

So my answer is, “Yes, Lord. You mean more to me than my vanity, far more than the numbers on my scale. I will lay down this idol for your sake. Sharing your truth and love with these little ones is worth everything I have to offer. Even an extra five pounds.”


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