Crowd Funding Course for Authors

When I was at Mount Hermon, I met with Thomas Umstadt from Author Media. He did a presentation on how to use crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to finance independent publishing projects.

This is an awesome new option for authors who want to produce a professional quality book, but don’t have the capital up front to underwrite that dream by themselves. Crowd funding has the added advantage of building an audience at the same time that you are raising money for your project.

I’m very excited by this idea. I met an author named Marci Seither ( who has used this method to successfully produce a historical novel for children. She was extremely pleased with her experience.

I’m sharing this with you now because Thomas is currently running a crowd funding campaign to make his expertise available to more authors.  I’ve pledged money toward it and I hope you will consider doing so too.

Check out it out on Indiegogo:

All the Best, Rebecca Bruner

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1 Response to Crowd Funding Course for Authors

  1. They made their goal and then some! I’m very excited to see the complete course once Author Media delivers their perks for this campaign.

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