Just before Thanksgiving, I wrote a post about jealosy. I was struggling with envy over all the ways God had been blessing other writers that I knew.

Right now, I think it is only fitting for me to share all the ways God has abundantly blessed me. He has amazed me with His lavish provision. 

God has provided a full scholarship for me to attend the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, through the Promising Beginnings Contest sponsored by Kathy Ide. You can read the details of how that came about by visiting:

He’s also provided everything I need to make the most of my time at the conference, including a laptop computer, which I had the funds to buy thanks to the fact that all my conference expenses were covered. He provided a real live “fairy godmother,” who felt led by God to buy me some cool new clothes for the conference. He provided expert fashion advice from my artist friend, who helped me accessorize my outfits. He’s provided fellow authors to travel with me and share in the adventure, and a battalion of prayer warriors to intercede for my time there.

God, you are amazing. Your generosity is unfathomable. I am humbled and overwhelmed by all the ways, both big and small, that you are taking care of me. Thank you that my needs count to you, and that you have done and will continue to do exceedingly and  abundantly beyond anything I could ask or think.


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