A Heart Like Mary’s–Courage

Mary must have been a very courageous young woman. She had to know that embracing God’s plan for her life would involve terrible risks.

She risked the loss of her reputation, the rejection of her friends and family. She very nearly lost her future husband, who had every intention of breaking off their engagement until God intervened.

When her son was less than two months old, the prophet Simeon predicted that a sword would pierce even her own soul. Because Mary’s child was destined to be the Savior of the world, she would be forced to endure unimaginable heartache, watching him suffer and die on a cross. In spite of all this, she did not refuse God’s call on her life.

I have not been asked to experience anything like such agony, and yet I still find it difficult to courageously embrace the future God has for me. I want to take the safe, easy path, instead of boldly risking rejection. I want to hold my tongue, instead of saying what I know should be said. I want to hide my heart away, instead of loving others fearlessly and valiantly.

Lord, silence my fears and make me a woman of courage, like Mary.

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