New Short Story Collection is Here

I started out the year determined to be diligent about my writing, and the first major project is now finished! My Fairy Godfather is a collection of all my previously published short fiction and creative non-fiction, plus a few extras. The copies I ordered just arrived today, and it looks great, thanks to Sharon Hoff’s beautiful cover photo.
Here’s the back cover description:
* A majestic red unicorn
* Two half-sisters with nothing in common who make a connection through an accidental dip in a very chilly swimming pool.
* A band of mermaids desperate to break the enchantment that has exiled them to the ocean for centuries.
From fantasy to contemporary, to creative non-fiction, from the imagined counsel of a literary mentor to the real life example of a beloved father, Rebecca Bruner’s collection of short stories has something for every reader. This compilation records the journey of one fledgling author finding her voice.

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